Latest Blogs From Japan Diary

Japan Diary
April 28, 2020

First Day

My sleep last night was restless. As usual, the day before the first day of classes my brain has a tendency to play scripts of…
Settled In?Japan Diary
April 21, 2020

Settled In?

Life under the pandemic is settling down a bit now that there is some clarity about what to do and how to protect oneself. Easily…
After a rideJapan Diary
April 19, 2020

After a ride

The closest thing to heaven, cycling, sex and writing. The 2nd closest thing, the feeling after a long bike ride. While the ride itself is…

Latest Blogs From Minnesota Musings

Minnesota Musings
April 26, 2020

Drawn to Words

What I write for warm ups doesn't really matter. It is literally warming the fingers to the keyboard and making room for the words to…
Minnesota Musings
April 23, 2020

You have no idea

People only get a slice of one’s life and pass judgments on that slice. The reality, people never know what goes on hour after hour,…
Minnesota Musings
April 17, 2020


Today is like every other day these days. They all flow one into the other. Doesn’t take long to get into the groove. I wonder…

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